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Most arts give the impression that you need to have an inborn talent to master them. However, there is one artistic subject that allows anyone to test their creative skills simply by purchasing the most important instrument for it: photography.

Almost anyone can become a professional photographer by investing time, determination and a lot of practice into this art. Unfortunately, many people believe that just by buying a camera they are already halfway through winning an international award in photography. Here are some tips that will help you make the step from being a camera owner to becoming an acclaimed photographer:

hobbyForget about the word “hobby.”

If you want to master photography you have to take the word “hobby” out of your vocabulary when it comes to taking pictures. A hobby is something that you do once or twice per month to get some pleasure out of your free time. Thinking about photography as a pastime will only limit your ambition and let you procrastinate on your goals.

Everyone can be an amateur photographer. Today’s smartphones allow you to take a picture, edit it and share it with your friends in under two minutes. However, if you want to take your photographic skills to a new, more professional level, you will need to invest in a great camera and use it daily in everything you do.

Know everything about your camera

Most of us are used to buying a new electronic device and ignore its user manual thoroughly. In fact, many people feel a slight feeling of shame when they have to check the instructions on how to set up their new TV. When it comes to professional cameras, however, you will need to study every page in the book. The more details you know about your device, the better you will be able to use it.

Do not feel awkward carrying the manual around with you for the first few months. Being a great photographer requires practice and study, and there is no better source for your queries than the camera’s instruction book.

photo classJoin a photography class

Many young photographers like to believe that they can learn everything there is to know about this art without any external help. This conception is a romantic illusion that will only do you more harm than good, and it will slow down your learning process considerably.

There is no shame in developing your photography skills under the guidance of a professional teacher. In fact, you can even skip some steps in your creative evolution simply by using the tips and tricks that photography masters can teach you.

Money does not buy you skill

The best photographs are not taken by the most expensive cameras or the photographers with the most money. You can take great pictures with a modest model as long as you learn how to use it properly, and if you practice with it every day. In time, the photos taken with a cheaper camera will help you earn enough cash to buy more expensive and better performing models.