Our philosophy

Pentaprism has become a community of over 1000 incredibly talented photographers ! We are extremely proud of our family of very talented members…


PENTAPRISM is back online on a new technical platform but with the old spirit and enthusiasm to present a site built for the users’ and the visitors’…

Contemporary Art Exposition

Saturday, September 20 at 17:00 at Villa Farsetti of Santa Maria di Sala will be inaugurated NOW | Contemporary Art Exposition, sponsored by the…

Suggestions and criteria

  • Resize your photos to the suggested dimensions.
    Pentaprism is a responsive platform that fits your monitor, so you can always appreciate the full screen across all monitors, including large screens. We believe the maximum suggested size is a good compromise between quality of the picture and load times of the page.
  • Send your images (scaled accordingly to our suggested dimensions) from the original jpeg file (not downloaded from other sites).
    The philosophy of Pentaprism is to fully enjoy the images presented by users, so the files are not filtered by any algorithm that limits the resolution but simply adapted according to the screen in use.
  • Send images without any border only! In order to achieve a harmonic visual experience the images in the Pentaprism galleries are not allowed to show borders. Images sent with borders will not considered for a publish in our galleries.
  • Do not re-send images not previously approved for the main gallery.
    Staff devote both time and commitment to judging every photo submitted with the utmost care and attention (maximum in 48 hours).
  • In order to create an active and dynamic community it is desirable to express their opinion on the published photo by giving constructive feedback and ask that you respond out of courtesy to those comments.
  • Send your very best work only.
    Pentaprism is a project that aims towards photo quality and not for educational purposes. It is not a space to be filled with souvenir photographs, simple snapshots or poor photographic attempts. With the greatest respect for all those who love photography at any level, we require you to participate in the activities of the website by bringing a higher standard. Therefore, prior to sending your work, we suggest looking closely at the main gallery and Penta’s choice so as to get an overall idea of the expected image standard we look for and showcase at Pentaprism, our facebook page and magazine.

Unfortunately we can’t give explanation about the result of the screening, we hope you understand.

Pentaprism does not recommend

  • Sending files that are too small.
    Please provide us and to all the staff members the possibility to appreciate and evaluate your photos in the best expected way.
  • Downloading files from other sites to post them on Pentaprism.
    As mentioned, the algorithms in use on other platforms might affect the quality of the shot.
  • Propose photos without any photographic or creative merit.
    Consider Pentaprism as a place whose participation is based on the simple consistency, so (as already mentioned) we suggest you give special attention to the quality and technical standards of your photos prior to Sending here, to avoid:
  1. posting banal images, without a real strong subject or a tangible impact;
  2. posting banal photos of pets and flowers;
  3. posting shots taken at random;
  4. posting photos with memories of the holidays, weddings or family
  5. photo processing carried out without appropriate expertise in the field of post-production;
  6. sending photos in low resolution (obvious presence of pixels);
  7. posting portraits of the elderly, children, destitutes, people in conditions of poverty without an emotional message, or worse, that shows libellous situations;
  8. explicitly vulgar images;
  9. watermarks, signatures which are so intrusive that they can divert the attention of those who look at the picture;
  10. posting photos of other authors, violating rights of others;
  11. posting mere reproductions of works of art (paintings, photos, other pictures, etc.)

Submit your work

Submit your best work to us! We do not accept average quality photos so make sure you have the best of the best. Our staff will come back to you soon after your submission.